9 Organic Foods To Help You Sleep At Night

organic foods to help you sleep

Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep? Everyone can appreciate a good rest. If you’re not doing well at night, tossing and turning, or just not able to get yourself to sleep without issue, something’s wrong. Amazingly, adding organic foods to your diet might help you sleep and may be the remedy you've been laying awake at night wanting to dream about.

So, instead of looking at pharmaceuticals, consider changing up your diet. No, you don’t have to go extreme, but you may be able to sprinkle in some organic foods that will help you rest. Eating these will change the way your body digests food, and feels throughout the night. You may be surprised by how effective these solutions are, especially if you’ve never tested them out before.

Certified Organic Turkey

foods to help you sleep

Thanksgiving meals are usually marked by a lot of eating, and indulgence. They are also marked with a long nap time. Well, some people say it’s because of the turkey, and they are partially right.

Science has proven that L-tryptophan (a naturally occurring amino acid in turkey meat) can in fact help with sleeping by releasing serotonin in the brain. The key here is to have free range, natural, organic turkey. That way there’s no added hormones, additives, or fattening agents to mire the good stuff.

Wild Caught Fish

foods to help you sleep

Farmed raised fish not only tastes less pleasing compared to fresh, wild caught fish, it doesn’t have the correct nutrients that you need to help aid in sleep. You’ll need to find fish that has been certified wild caught.

Some of the best options include tuna, halibut, and salmon. The fresher, the better; as these have B6, protein, and melatonin. Melatonin in particular helps regulate sleep, and assists in easing you to wake.


foods to help you sleep

To be clear, I am not just talking about cherries in general terms, but specifically the juice of these little berries. Cherries can be concentrated into a juice, but you may want to look into pure cherry juice. Concentrate blasts the fruit with water, and that doesn’t really make for good “juice”.

 Look for 100% pure, unfiltered cherry juice and be ready for that tart element. The juice will help you sleep, as the nutrient make-up has melatonin in it. Again, this hormone directly helps control both sleeping and waking cycles. 


food to help you sleep

India may be most notorious in terms of food for curry, but another culinary staple for their nation helps keep them sleeping well at night. What is it, you may be wondering? It’s rice, but not just any old rice.

Jasmine rice to be specific. This simple food helps with regulating circulation, promoting sleep patterns, and sustaining appetite through the night. Perhaps once jasmine rice becomes part of your regular diet, you won’t have the same temptations to get up for a midnight snack. 

Plain Yogurt

foods to help you sleep

Don’t get plain yogurt confused with the mixed fruit, or high sugar variety. You need to focus on the plain in plain yogurt and skip unnecessary exposure to sugar. Yogurt helps with sleep by increasing the calcium levels in the body. If you aren't a fan of downing spoonfuls of plain yogurt, try substituting yogurt in place of sour cream. 

Plain yogurt helps with promoting the right elements that signal the body to rest, calm down, and settle into REM sleep. The link between calcium and good sleep is why many promote a warm glass of milk before bed. But if you don't enjoy the taste of warm milk, eating a little yogurt will achieve the same effect. 


foods to help you sleep

Kale is the powerful, super food and connective vegetable. Kale has a variety of nutrients, including calcium, vitamins and minerals, and it helps regulate the blood.

With this green leafy vegetable, you can ensure the body’s circulation, temperature, and REM sleep patterns are balanced. Simply put, it should help you sleep at night if kale becomes a part of your regular daily diet. 

Lemon Balm

food to help you sleep

Lemon balm is a fascinating solution that you might not have considered before. For centuries, the leafy green herb has been the base for many herbal remedies used by  Eastern Medicine practitioners.

The herb traditionally is added to tea, alongside valerian root, creating a calming effect. The herb helps regulate blood flow, calm heart rate, and relax anxiety symptoms. It’s a tea combination that can definitely pay off dividends by helping bring your body to a calm state before sleep. 


food to help you sleep

Chamomile is one of the main ingredients in many herbal teas, specifically those that are marketed as “sleepy time”. Chamomile is noted for its natural relaxation qualities.

For instance, the herb is linked to heart rate regulation. Chamomile also is said to calm nervousness, ease hypertension, and assist with REM sleep. In Spanish communities it’s called, “manzanita”, meaning little apple, because of the herb's apple like taste. 


food to help you sleep

As the tossing and turning ensued, chances are you didn’t give the mighty yellow fruit a second thought. Perhaps now bananas will gain your attention, and rightly so.

Bananas have a lineup of nutrients, but amidst their profile is the B6 vitamin. The B6 vitamin is an important element in melatonin release for the body. Meaning, when bed beckons, your natural systems fueled with the B6 you gained from eating the banana kick in, lulling you to an easy and comfortable sleep.

As you can see, these 9 organic foods geared to help you sleep at night are all great solutions to test out. You can try them all one by one, but make sure that you seek out organic options. Organic solutions will trump others because of their purity content and wholeness, nutritionally. 

What foods do you find help you to unwind and get a little shut eye? We'd love to hear your ideas and practices in the comments below. Let us know your experience with the connection between food and sleep. ​

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