4 Top Performing Batter Dispenser Reviews

By Jon Strungis / November 19, 2015

Pancakes, crepes, muffins, and waffles (to name a few) can all benefit from the use of a top performing batter dispenser. Why or how, you may be wondering? Well, let's tackle pancakes, for instance...

Everyone knows what batter-based destruction a pancake breakfast can bring down upon a kitchen. From the globs of dried batter dotting the counter, to the mixing bowl now left with a nice thin layer of batter caked down the outside, and not forgetting the handful of dirty utensils, measuring cups, etc. Even in the most efficient household, it’s a production.

Thankfully there is a solution. On the market today are a wide variety of batter dispensers designed to bring sanity back to the pancake breakfast. While I personally like to keep my baking operations relatively low-tech, but these dispensers are a definite game changer.​

Not only is this the perfect tool for minimizing the mess, they are also a whole lot of fun! Let’s face it, baking isn’t necessarily the “coolest” project for kids. But with a batter dispenser you bring an interactive element to the operation that makes baking engaging and a creative enterprise – the only limit is the size of your pan and the size of your imagination!

While most all dispensers in some way aim to make your baking endeavors a bit easier, there’s a surprising amount of variety in the different designs that begs the question: what is the best dispenser to meet your kitchen needs? To help answer that question, let’s take a look at a few of the different models on the market.

Basic Hard Plastic Dispenser 

batter dispenser reviews

One of the more common designs on the market is a hard plastic dispenser with the handle-operated spout. The biggest benefit to this dispenser is that it’s straightforward, easy to use, and durable.

All the pieces are molded hard plastic which make it one sturdy piece of kitchenware – right down to the locking lid that makes the batter dispenser ideal for mixing up a batch of pancakes, having a few, and saving the rest for later. The average capacity of this sort of dispenser is 4 cups, or 1 liter. That’s usually about good enough for the typical “recommended” recipe advertised on the side of most pancake mix boxes and should feed the average family.​

The dispensing mechanism on this dispenser is child’s play to use. Just pull the handle and count your Mississippi's or watch the batter pour and release. That’s the other huge benefit of using a batter dispenser: it makes calibrating your pancake or cupcake pours a breeze. Rather than pouring over the side of a bowl and trying to estimate the angle of the bowl, how much you’ll spill, and all that, you just pull the handle and that is it.​

Metal Batter Dispenser

batter dispenser

Another option on the market is a stainless steel design. Crafted with restaurant grade stainless steel, if you like to keep your kitchen sleek and modern, this might be worth the extra penny or two.

While it works much the same with the handle acting as the dispensing trigger, the stainless steel dispenser gives the clean appearance and easy-to-clean appeal of metal. This particular model doesn’t quite hold as much – it’s advertised as having a 3 cup capacity – and without a lid, I wouldn’t recommend pushing that too much.

Still, this is a handy dispenser for whipping up a batch of gourmet, pumpkin spice pancakes or some tasty crepes with relative ease – and minimal mess!

If you want the sleek look of stainless steel but don’t want a dispenser that uses the pull handle action, there are other trigger options available on the market. Rather than using the handle pull like the two previous designs, some use a thumb action lever and also comes with their own drip bowl/stand.​

The open curved handle and easy-to-use thumb lever make them of very handy for careful, precise pancakes. The smooth acting lever and solid design makes this a quality high-end dispenser. However, this might be a little on the tricky side for those bakers with small hands to use without a bit of supervision.​

The Pancake Pen

batter dispenser

The pancake pen is perfect if you’re not really too concerned about clean up but really want to let that creative genius shine! Essentially it’s a water bottle with contoured sides for gripping and squeezing and a silicone tipped top that screws on. Things may get a bit messy trying to fill this thing. Nonetheless the pancake pen opens up a world of design opportunity to let young (or old) minds run wild.

The pen tip is said to be heat-resistant up to 600 degrees. I wouldn’t push it, but I wouldn’t worry too much about this thing melting with general use. The lid also makes it convenient for storage, but with a capacity of only 3 cups I wouldn’t expect *too* much leftover batter.

Batter Dispenser & Mixer​

batter dispenser

With all other dispensers on the market you still have to mix up the batter in another container. Well, not with this batter and mixer combo. At face value, this batter dispenser is much like the other hard plastic ~1 liter capacity dispensers with the handle-operated spout. However, this is truly a complete dispensing/mixing system that adds a duel whisk mixing system to the lid that completely changes the game.

The biggest appeal of this particular batter dispenser is that it minimizes the mess, makes baking and pancaking easy and convenient, and it gives baking an interactive edge children (and the child-like at heart). This dispenser beats out the competition in each category.

With every other non-mixing dispenser regardless of how little mess you create on the counter or stove, you still have to mix up the batter and then *carefully* pour it into the dispenser. With the built in mixer all you need is this one tool – no separate mixer, no mixing bowl, not even a spoon is necessary. Just pour in your wet ingredients, then dry and eggy ingredients and you are good to go!

The hand-operated crank not only makes the dispenser/mixer unit easy, convenient, and mess-free, but also adds another element to the fun of mixing up a batch of batter. While a little adult supervision would not be ill-advised, both the dispensing and mixing pieces are easy enough to use for kids.​

And The Award Goes To...

batter dispenser

Overall, the best dispenser to upgrade your baking enterprises will largely depend on the needs of your particular kitchen. That said, let’s do a quick round up and look at the options out there to choose from:

Best On A Budget

The Pancake Pen

batter dispenser

Best For Style

Stainless Steel 

stainless steel dispenser

Best Bang Per Buck

Dispenser and Mixer

batter mixer and dispenser

Best For Creativity

Pancake Pen

batter dispenser

Best All Around

Dispenser and Mixer

batter mixer and dispenser
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