15 Creative Ways To Eat Avocado

By Jennette Ross / December 2, 2014
ways to eat avocado

"Avocado, we love you!" Why shouldn't we? Avocado is good for us and its tasty texture always makes us come back for more. But are you tired of indulging your fascination with avocado through merely  guacamole or sliced on a sandwich? Me too, so here are 15 ways to eat avocado that you probably never considered (plus 30 recipes in our recipe book). 

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Hang onto your spatula because some of these avocado inspirations may shock you. They ​surprised me. The days of under estimating the avocado fruit wonder are over. Get ready for mind blowing to commence and for major expansion to appear on your recipe horizons. 

You know what I love about an empty avocado peel? It means someone has just made something with an avocado and hopefully I am getting some of that creamy loveliness, OR it is the sad remaining remnant waiting to be cleaned up after already pigging out on the tasty fruit. Either way, its a win because in both cases I am eating avocado. Yum!    

If you are a fellow avocado lover, than you probably already know ​about all the wonderful reasons adding avocado to your diet is a good thing, a very good thing. If you don't know or want to be convinced further to shed any unjust guilt, then read our post on all the many reasons avocados are good for you.   

Ways To Eat Avocado

Ok enough delaying...ready for astonishment? You can use avocados in baking! I know, right? I was skeptical at first too, but hear me out. There are actually some pretty compelling benefits to using avocados in your baked goodies.


Using Avocado In Baking

ways to eat avocado

Avocados can actually replace traditional cooking oils and dairy products in baked goods. If you are concerned they will alter the taste of the treat, don't be. Avocados blend nicely and people will never know your secret. What they don't know won't hurt them and in this case it will actually help them. 

Why? Because avocados bring over 20 vitamins and nutrients ​to the table...maybe I should say, to the mouth. Who wouldn't want that, especially when chewing on a brownie? Anything to ease the sugar craving conscious.  

The benefits aren't just towards health factors, though. Baking with avocados helps with texture too. Avocados have a high water content, so the added moisture actually helps make your baked delights softer and less crumbly. ​

How to substitute butter & oil with Avocado in a recipe:

ways to eat avocado

   With butter: Use a one to one ratio. Whatever measurement the recipe calls for in butter,            you can replace with an equal measure of mashed up ​avocado. To mash avocado, put diced        or sliced sections in a bowl and mash with the flat side of fork prongs or a potato masher. Try    to keep mashing until it's freed of chunky pieces. This will avoid big bites of avocado and              totally blowing your big secret. 

   With Oil: Use the same one to one ratio, meaning whatever measurement of oil is called for      use the same in mashed or pureed avocado. However, add a little water to the mashed up or      pureed avocado because avocado is thicker than oil. The water will thin it out. To puree,                blend the avocado pieces once peeled in a food processor or blender with just dashes of              water until nice and smooth. 


Using Avocado In Smoothies

ways to eat avocado

Most if us would probably admit that the notion of drinking something colored green is not particularly visually appealing or appetizing. But if you can get past that, which many do at least once a year on St Patrick's Day, blending an avocado into your smoothie adds a pleasant creamy texture to the drink. If drinking liquid green pleasures one day a year is acceptable, then why not healthier versions the whole year?

Avocado smoothies are healthy because the good fats in avocado actually help your body to absorb all the nutrients in the avocado, as well as the other fruits and vegetables in your drink. Plus, avocado in a smoothie will increase your over all fiber intake

Avocado can replace dairy in your smoothie recipes. Avocado Central has created a nice chart that breaks down the nutritional upgrade a smoothie recipes gains when avocado is added, verses the same recipe without avocado. They also compare in another chart the nutritional value differences in the same carrot smoothie recipe when avocado replaces yogurt. 


Using Avocado To Replace Mayonnaise 

ways to eat avocado

Most restaurants these days will have some offering on their menu that includes sliced avocado. Avocado on a sandwich is not revolutionary. But have you ever thought about using avocado as a condiment? Now you can skip the fatty mayo for the much healthier fats in avocado. 

Avocado will add to the much needed moisture to off set the dryness of most breads and sandwich meats. Of course the flavor avocado provides will surely be a welcomed change to your palate if you've been limited to mayo or mustard. 

All you need is a ripe avocado and whatever herbs or seasoning you​ want to mash up with it. Now you can enjoy the awesomeness of avocado with every bite of your sandwich. Don't feel as though you would have to limit this concept to just a sandwich, however. You can spread avocado over a nice grilled chicken breast, a fish fillet, or mix with roasted veggies.   


Using Avocado In Salads 

ways to eat avocado

People have been adding sliced or diced avocado on top of salads for a long time. That is nothing new, but adding avocado to traditional tuna, egg, or chicken salad recipe may be a new twist. 

Presentation possibilities are wide open. Doing something similar to the picture above is fun, especially when entertaining. Of course, the simple avocado infused salad could be served in a bowl or plated on a bed of lettuce. 

The tuna, chicken,  or egg avocado salad could be served as a dip with crackers. Don't forget about spooning the salad on a croissant, pita, or other favorite bread. However you eat the avocado salad, it's sure to be scrumptious, full of flavor, and kick traditional sandwich salads in the booty...that is if they had a booty.  


Using Avocado In Sushi

ways to eat avocado

Love sushi? Why not add avocado to your next sushi roll for a unique and creative twist on Japanese cuisine? Avocado is not a traditional sushi element. But with all the fun food fusions happening in the cooking industry, avocado shouldn't be left out.  

If you have only eaten sushi when dining out and would like to learn how to make a roll at home, CookingUpgrades has you covered. Watch this step by step tutorial video demonstrating how to make an avocado roll in your kitchen. 

To make these avocado sushi rolls, you will need...

  1. 1/2 sheet sushi seaweed
  2. 1/3 cup cooked and seasoned sushi rice​
  3. 3-4 sliced avocados
  4. 1 Tablespoon toasted sesame seeds

Using Avocado In Sorbet

ways to eat avocado

If baking avocado in brownies didn't already floor you, then an avocado sorbet is probably pushing you over the edge. But before you declare to the world the insanity of the suggestion, let me assure you, avocado sorbet is a legitimate and tasty frozen treat

Avocado sorbet is a sweet and creamy dessert with perfect splashes of limey tartness. The good news is, it isn't hard to make either. A nice tip to help keep the avocados from browning is to slice the avocados and then immediately put them in the freezer for 24 hours.

 The next day, prep the other ingredients and when everything is ready for the blender, your frozen avocado slices will be ready to go. Serving the sorbet right from the blender will give the sorbet more of a soft serve ice cream feel. Or you can refreeze the blended avocado, lime, and additional ingredients to achieve a hard ice cream texture, like the picture above. 

Feeling brave enough to try it? Well, perfect! I've included a delicious avocado sorbet recipe at the end of the post. Actually, there are 30 avocado recipes for all the different ways to eat avocado discussed in this article. Can't wait? Click here to download all 30 now. 


Using Avocado In Deviled Eggs

ways to eat avocado

Deviled eggs are a favorite summer treat. What says picnic better than a lovely tray full of sliced eggs with dollops of super creamy egg glory? I never thought deviled eggs could or needed to be improved upon, but boy was I wrong. 

Go ahead and make your regular good old reliable deviled eggs the way grandma made them​, but perhaps in addition, you'd dare to make an additional plate of avocado deviled eggs. The recipes for avocado deviled eggs are a spicy take on the original, that I think is worth a try. 

The only tricky thing about making deviled eggs is hard boiling the eggs. Cutting into an egg that needs just a little more time for the yolk to cook is the worst. Even better is having your eggs crack open and begin to leak cooked egg white particles in the boiling water because they were in there a little too long. 

Usually, placing the egg in a pot covered with cold water and then timing 10 minutes once the water begins to boil is a safe bet that the eggs are fully hard boiled. However, my mother-in love stuffed my stocking one Christmas with the Eggsact Eggtimer, and that little red egg boosts my confidence level all the more.

ways to eat avocado

Now, I put the timer in the water with the egg before boiling. I check on the timer ​periodically, waiting until it has turned from red to black. When the egg is fully black, I know my eggs are hard boiled to perfection. 

Adding this kitchen tool to your kitchen drawer arsenal is a helpful and worthy cooking upgrade. Now you are out of excuses for trying your hand at a batch of avocado deviled eggs. You're welcome.


Using Avocado In Pudding

ways to eat avocado

Again, I get it, putting avocado in any kind of dessert may seem just plain bonkers. But as the infamous "they" say, "Don't knock it until you try it." Our avocado recipe ebook includes vegan and gluten free chocolate pudding recipes that will have you tempted to lick the bowl like a crazed pudding fiend. 

 The winner about avocado pudding is (drum roll please...) it is super easy and quick to make. I would even gander that you could stand side by side next to someone preparing a boxed pudding and get done around the same time. The only difference is our pudding recipes are made from scratch and way better for you. 


Using Avocado In Soup

ways to eat avocado

Certainly, if you are a consumer of avocados, you have undoubtedly sliced some on top of a favorite south western soup as a garnish. Why just garnish when avocado can take center stage? Avocado soup, either hot or cold, is a wonderfully creative way to enjoy avocados.

Don't worry, you won't break the bank purchasing a bunch of avocados either. Our recipes only call for two ripe avocados for 6 and half servings of soup. Using avocados in soup eliminates the need for cream too because the avocados creaminess brings all the milky texture you crave without the dairy.

The soup recipes we have gathered don't wind up looking and tasting like baby food, I promise. Avocados certainly have a distinct taste all their own, but they also pair well with sweet, savory, or spicy. So no matter what your taste buds crave, there are avocado soup recipes to satisfy. 


Using Avocado As A Sandwich

ways to eat avocado

We've talked before about avocado diced up in chicken or tuna fish salad, but avocado is too incredible to always share the lime light. Let avocado stand alone and be the main event to your next sandwich or wrap.

Your body will thank you for the vitamin, nutrients, fiber, and good healthy fats you fed it. Your lips will sing endless praises, after they are done getting dabbed by a napkin with great satisfaction.  

If you want something different than traditional condiments on the avocado sandwich, try an herb spread. Of course a nice honey mustard mix would taste great too. Because avocados go well with so many things, you can be pretty creative with many topping choices.  ​

Be inventive and think outside the box. If you stumble upon a unique and tasty spread that makes your avocado sandwich a plat de resistance, please share your discovery with us in the comments below!


Using Avocado On Pizza

ways to eat avocado

Avocados can go on pizza as the sauce or as one of the delectable toppings. Since avocado works with a variety of flavors,  you are only limited by your imagination. Try chicken, basil leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and avocado for a traditional italian styled pizza. For something different, top your pizza with bacon, mushroom, spinach, and avocado with a white garlic sauce instead of tomato. 

Whatever you decide, avocado will definitely be a nice change from the usual cheese and pepperoni. But, hey, when you make some avocado pizza, I'll join you! My family tends to prefer meat loaded pizzas while I would much rather have a slice of veggie.

I only get the opportunity to have a pizza with yummy topping like avocado if I am making one just for me, which isn't often. So maybe its not practical for me to join you, but at least take the first bite in my honor. 


Using Avocado On Hot Dogs

ways to eat avocado

Avocado topping an american favorite seems about right.  Don't feel restricted to only hot dog.  Avocado can grace the top of any link slapped in a hoagie roll. 

Dice avocado on on top of hot dog with bacon, sour cream and ketchup. We also have gathered a few mexican inspired hot dog topping garnishes, flavored with avocados, in our recipe list. But for something different, try my personal favorite...avocado pigs in a blanket​.

Avocado pigs in a blanket


1 package of hot dogs

1 can croissant dough

8 cooked bacon slices​

8 slices of cheddar cheese cut 1-2 inches wide

1 ripe avocado​

  1. Slice a horizontal cut half way through hot dogs.
  2. Place cheddar cheese slices in slit openings.
  3. Place cooked and crisp bacon slices in opening next to cheese.
  4. Place sliced avocado quarters sprinkled with lemon juice on top of bacon.
  5. Open a can of croissant dough and lay out each triangle.
  6. Place hot dog at base end of triangle dough shape .
  7. Roll hot dog dog up in dough.
  8. Cook hot dogs on baking sheet (following instructions on canned dough for baking croissants). 

Using Avocado With Eggs

ways to eat avocado

Avocado can be folded into scrambled eggs, or slices can lay nicely in between an omelet fold. If how ever, you are a fan of eggs sunny side up, like I am, then take a crack at an egg baked right inside an avocado. I like to call them sunshine avocado boats.  

Slice an avocado in half and twist the halves apart. Remove the avocado pit. Scoop out about 2 teaspoons more of the avocado, to widen the hole the egg will sit in.

Do not peel the avocados. Place the avocados in a baking dish, making sure they will not tip over or lean to the side. If you are making more than one avocado egg boat, you can pack them in the dish closely so they help each other stay level.

If you are just making one, then flip the avocado over, exposing the side with the peel. Directly in the middle, center curve of the peel, cut a a small portion of the curve out from the backside. This will help stabilize the avocado when placed in the pan, so it won't rock or move.

Crack open the egg and gently pour the egg into the avocado opening, careful to not break the yolk. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 425 degrees or until the egg whites are no longer clear. Top the eggs with chives, other herbs on hand, salt, pepper, hot sauce, or salsa. 


Using Avocado In Dip

ways to eat avocado

It doesn't take a master chef to realize avocado can be made into guacamole. I would imagine if I were to take a poll, most everyone would check the guacamole box to answer the survey question, "How did you first taste avocado?" 

Clearly, open minded thinking is involved in visualizing guacamole with other ingredients besides garlic, salt, lime juice, and avocados, however.  ​Can you see it? Guacamole with pineapple, strawberries, or pomegranate would assuredly be a break from the norm. 

Just about any fruit will taste well with avocado, or your favorite cheese. Personally, as a blue cheese enthusiast, I love the salty, sharp cheese with guacamole. Try it with bacon ​or almonds.  Maybe try feta, another house favorite, but give yourself permission to break out of the guacamole mold and be inventive. 


Using Avocado In Enchiladas

ways to eat avocado

​Let me be real, all chicken enchiladas are not created equal. I have consumed a few in my day between trying out recipes at home and selecting a version off the menu at various mexican restaurants. 

I have found a few eateries over the years who do the chicken enchilada major justice and some just a pathetic nod of the head, but one of my favorite recipes I make right in my own kitchen.

And as you have guessed, not only is it filled with tasty chicken, it also has avocados. These creamy, cheesy, delicious enchiladas have a restaurant worthy cream sauce that always receives high accolades around my dinner table from family and guests.

Some would say it is to die for, but I am going to refrain myself from being overly dramatic. I would die for people; my kids in a heart beat. But would I die for food? Um, no. Not for food...maybe from lack of food, but let's not think on that.

Back to the enchiladas...because dang they are good. What I love about this dish besides the super incredible tasty, tasty sauce (I really like the sauce you guys!) is that the avocados are not an after thought. The avocados are absolutely a central feature in the dish. 

You can try them and many other recipes for avocados using the 15 ways to eat avocado I have been telling you about, all in one easy to access downloadable avocado recipe ebook.

The recipe book includes 30 dishes for the 15 ways to eat avocado. Take a look and tell me which recipes you try. I'd love to hear what you think and any adaptions you make. Plus feel free to share any avocado recipes you love in the comments below, too. 

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